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kite proa’s

there are already two prototypes learn more here.

about is a project by Dominic GARBEN, for more about kitesailing, the blog and Dom click here.


I would very much appreciate feedback or just a thumbs up and I am happy to answer any questions. Just email: dom(at)

Recent blog posts

  • What do you think?

    If you read this blog PLEASE I would very much appreciate some comments, FEEDBACK, thoughts or just a thumbs up message : ) Thanks!

  • Proa Rig

    Proa Rig

    When starting to build this boat I was so proud to announce that it would not have a mast, rudder, or fin keel and no moving parts below the waterline. Well, early tests did teach me that sailing with a kite close to shore is not always possible, but with a “normal” sail it is.… Read…

  • Addon Boatbuilding

    Addon Boatbuilding

    After the second boat lunch party in August 2022, there have been a lot of little addons that needed building which I have been working on until September 2023: This has been quite some work while moving the boat, and the workshop a few times (from summer 2022 to summer 2023), and testing little things.… Read…

  • Big struggle, great learning

    Big struggle, great learning

    The struggle and overthinking with a project like this might be a given thing but living through it and writing it down is tough for me. The first kite sail test had been a major reality check, I could have enjoyed that moment, and taken it as encouragement. But my expectations, my mind had already… Read…