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Kite Proa Prototype Nr.2

After lots of thinking, drafting on paper, and some weeks on the CAD, I am finally getting to the planning of the build of my second kite sailboat a kite proa.

With the big dream in mind of creating a sailboat concept that is economical and ecological to build and suitable to be used as a sail ferry. The kite proa boat design aims to make better use of the wind than the traditional mast/mono or multihull concept. For me, it would be great to have the choice, to travel across oceans without climate pollution.

Step by step I am planning to scale up the prototypes to get to the different sizes of different sail ferries. My prototype Nr. 2 aims to prove the performance and seaworthiness of this concept. And to motivate people to join the movement of sail ferries.

I plan to build the prototype in a few months starting in December 2021 building it in Kiel Germany.