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Kite Proa building (1)

After the workshop had been set up, the materials ordered, and the first massive triangular piece laminated a friend told me – maybe build a smaller one first, like a 2m model, and then a bigger one.

So I reconsidered, drawing a beautiful 6m version in one day. 6m as I did not see any point in building something which I could not float on.

But then I thought well 6m is not that small this could be sufficient for some longer sails. Re-reconsidered to make it a little bigger and giving it more volume. I started to build and liked it so much I added features, it could have a kitchen, it could have some nice windows and the monster of useless todos grew into insanity. While I managed to finish the core boat – drawing, building, launching and first mini sail and lunch party within 3 months from early January to the 2nd of April in 2022, the other details drained my energy untill the summer.

The first time AIVIA has been in the water for the very ambitus lunch party on the 2nd of April in 2022

And then looots more work…