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Hi, I am Dominic GARBEN (or just Dom) the person behind all this. I feel at home at the sea and love the wind. Since 2018 – my early 30s I started sailing and can’t stop emerging myself into it. I believe in having an engineering, and at times creative mindset. At times I totally overthink and at times I am pragmatic and minimalistic. This mindset paired with my “not-knowing” enables me to question and rethink aspects of boating, sailing, kites, and kite-sailing. This is a journey for me with still so much to deeply understand. Often I learn rather late, that there is a good reason why things are done the way they have been done. But I enjoy “reinventing the wheel” and doing things differently. And hope something will come from starting this journey.
I am not a trained boat builder or shipbuilding engineer, nor have I been formally trained in sailing or kiting and I don’t know how to kite surf. Further, I don’t have any proven knowledge of the (sailing) traditional proas or traditions of the Pacific Island nations.

This is my blog where I will try to share my learnings and progress with building, testing, and sailing of kite-powered proa sailboats. I really appreciate a short message, thumps up, or questions to give me a little motivation to keep on posting and sharing my journey.

I am not passionate about blogging or taking photos in particular not of myself. If you would like to help please get in touch : ) Or if you are keen on learning about boat building maybe being part of the next test session or the next prototype building. Let me know!

Please be aware that I am not a boat builder, shipbuilding engineer, naval architect, kite surfer, or an expert on the traditions of the Pacific culture or their sailing vessels. If you copy or use any ideas or suggestions of this blog it’s your own responsibility!

kite sailing

Within sailing, kite sailing caught my particular attention. From the theoretical perspective, it has to be the future of offshore sailing. As there are so many advantages to it.

The “so innovative” sail racing took about 100 years to adapt foiling into its boats. The first boats were foining in 1907. How long might it take for kite sailing to be established? Kite surfing is some 20+ years popular. And has been holding speed records for some time.

My aim was to design a vessel that is easy to build, very versatile and seagoing, and very scalable—a sailing vessel that is suitable for sea nomads and as a sail ferry or work boat.