Hi, I am Dom the person behind all this. I feel at home at the sea. Sailing is new to me or I am new among sailors and I like to be among sailors. The variety of challenges, the joy, and the people I meet while sailing/boating make me a happy self. I started sailing in late 2018 in my early 30ties and since then can’t stop emerging myself into the sailing and boating life. I believe to have a particular, engineering, and at times creative mindset. This enables me to question and rethink aspects of boating and sailing. Often I learn that there is a good reason why things are done the way they are done. But sometimes I come up with something new among sailors.

I probably don’t notice if or when it is my master’s degree in mechanical engineering that helps me grasp the set-ups of boats. Mostly I believe my practical work and life experience creating, designing, and building things gets me to where I want to go.

me on my first prototype

my dreams

I love this planet Earth, in particular, nature, and all the awesome humans I have met all over the world. In my dreams, this planet Earth shall have more nature again and all the humans shall have the chance to visit each other’s continents. They shall enjoy and live the diversity of this blue planet.

Within sailing, kite sailing caught my particular attention. From the theoretical perspective, it has to be the future of how to harness the wind most efficiently for travel across the seas. The “so innovative” sail racing took about 100years from the first foiling boat to foiling in America’s cup. Not to speak of cruising. How long might it take for kite sailing to establish? Kite surfing is some 20+ years popular.

In my dreams, there will be kite sail ferries enabling us to visit all continents to explore and feed the diversity of this blue planet. Kite ferries could have any size and could be environmentally friendly. The could be so much.

Therefore I am using my time to work on kite sailing boats.