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Kite Proa’s Old

What is a kite proa? A Proa is an old well-proven fast boat concept from the Pacific islands. The Proa has one bigger hull and a smaller second hull connected with beams. Unlike most vessels, she does not have a front and a back – she is symmetrical. Instead of tacking or jibing, she shunts which is the change of sail directions. Well, a proa powered by a kite is a kite proa.

Why a kite proa? A Proa powered by a kite creates a sweet spot of great characteristics for a super versatile sailing boat.

  • sled-like hull shape
  • minimal draft
  • high-speed potential
  • stable multihull seagoing properties
  • nice trampoline space
  • v-shape hull

Prototype Nr. 2 AIVIA

Kite Sail Boat / Kite Proa
Length: 6.6m
Width total: 3m
Displacement: 300kg
Draft: 0.4m at 350kg
To be built in 2022 in Kiel

Prototype Nr. 1

Kite Sail Boat / Kite Proa
Length overall: 5.8m
Width overall: 2.7m
Max displacement: 360kg
Build-in: Plywood Epoxy Glasfiber
Build and tested in 2021 in Newzealand